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February 28, 2008

Bookcases finally finished.

Well? Whattya think? They're all in and stocked. Click on the picture to open the image and view an animation of the install process. Start to finish they took me roughly a month and cost approximately $600.00. For custom cabinetry I'd say we came out ahead considering I was estimating around $2100.00 if we had bought bookcases, and then they wouldn't have been custom fit like this. All I need to say is that Momma's happy so I'm happy! (Well trained aren't I?) This is a picture of the book cases that we had seen at the furniture store and picked up a brochure for. I modeled them after these, and am pretty happy with the result. I didn't put any doors on the bottom, but I can add those any time if I feel I need to.
Now, I am happy to say, I have finally finished all the big projects IN our house. Time to move to the outside. This weekend I am going to figure out a way to construct a temporary green house under our south facing covered porch. It is washed in sun from about 10 through sunset so I can't see why it shouldn't work to get my cold weather crops started early. As always, I'll detail my trials with this here on the blog.

Another big thing coming up this weekend is to spend some time working with my fifth grader K~ on his science fair project. He came up with the idea of doing a project about comparing earth sheltered homes with traditionally constructed homes. I guess I've been rubbing off on him. We found an earth sheltered home on accident last year, and he's been talking about it ever since. Phelan, I'm sure you'll be interested.

Finally, the chicks are a little over being a week old now and they're feathering out so nicely. It's like they were just delivered yesterday... they grow up so fast... I'll post a bunch of new pics of them tomorrow. Hope you'll stop by.



jayedee said...

lovely bookshelves! i'm sending MY husband over to look as i would love to get my books out of boxes and off the floor! lol

RedStateGreen said...

Very nice!

Robbyn said...

ooooh, great bookcases!

ruralaspirations said...

Wow....I wish my husband could build something like that. Gorgeous!