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February 13, 2008


My wife asked me the other day about permaculture. I have only an basic knowledge of it, but I think that I agree with it's principles to a very great degree.
I cannot accept that all the things put on this earth, were put here to exists by themselves. We are, humans, plants, animals and earth, meant to interact and depend on each other. I believe that when we look at the environment that we live in, whatever that may be, there is some way that we can learn to harmonize with it. I guess that's what a lot of the things that I am curious about really come down to, learning a way of being responsible for myself and my families happiness, while not taking away from something elses. Growing a garden for instance, provides us with food and, I believe, a better standard of living. But my doing that doesn't take away from my neighbors happiness or standard of living, rather I hope it adds to it. It opens dialogue between us through backyard talks about what's working or what we're trying, encourages community through sharing the fruits of our labors and, I believe, generally adds to the neighborhood. It also provides a healthy ecosystem right in my yard where bees, lady bugs and other benefitial insects can thrive; and that's just gardening. I guess Permaculture as I understand it is not only a method for building sustainable, permanent agriculture, it's a idea about how to build permanent culture, cummunity and a way of thinking about our actions.

While I was reading on this tonight, I found a very interesting video on a project that was done in the middle east. They were able effectively de-salinate and re-hydrate the ground and begin producing edible crops in an area previously written off.

Enjoy, and share your thoughts if you like.

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