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February 20, 2008

The bookcase update

I thought I'd post you guys an update on the bookshelves that I've been working on. This weekend my dad and I built a makeshift paint room in third car part of my garage and brought in the bookcases. As I mentioned previously, I bought a paint sprayer to use with my compressor. We never seem to have a lack of projects around here and painting always seems to be a part of them, so we figure this was a good investment.
These are the bookcases in the middle of their first coat of paint. We have been using Olympic Premium Interior Latex paint lately for both walls and projects like these bookcases, and have been very happy with it. Not only is it affordable at $17-$20/gallon, but it is Green Seal Approved with zero VOC's so we're able to keep costs managable, while keeping out environment free of toxic vapors and odor. Not to mention a much more environmentally-friendly cleanup. I recommend this product if you are planning any painting in the future. You can find it at Lowes.
And this is me, clouded by the haze of the atomized paint. Let me just say again how glad I am at the zero VOC status of this paint, because I sucked in a bunch of it. Mask or not, it was a mess. Tonight I applied a good second coat, and they're starting to look really good. Of course you know I'll post again when they're done, maybe even before that. Till tomorrow.

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