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February 14, 2008

SHMILY (Happy Valentines Day)

It’s Valentines day. Did you remember? Are you in the dog house? I think I did OK, I did get a good kiss this morning so that’s a good sign. Let me ask you though, is this the only day you go out of your way to tell your sweetheart you’re thinking of her/him? I heard a great story years ago about an old couple that would leave little notes for each other all over with the simple letters S.H.M.I.L.Y on them. It was their way of telling each other that at that moment, whether they were there or not, that they were thinking of them. SHMILY…See How Much I Love You. It’s a simple thing really isn’t it. Give it a try, at first they’ll look at you a little weird like “What the heck is this? You don’t know how to spell smiley?” But after you explain it, your bound to get a laugh and a smile. Before you know it, it’ll be a competition to see who can find the most creative place to stick one; Medicine cabinet, rearview mirror, lunch bag, you get the idea. As for me, I’ve been really slacking about doing this lately so honey, I love you, Happy Valentines Day and  keep your eyes out for
S H M I L Y !!


To all of you out there in the blogosphere, Happy Valentines Day. Now, get off the computer and go post some SHMILY notes!!

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