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February 1, 2008

Here Chick Chick Chick....maybe soon.

Ok, I have a bad habit of sometimes talking myself out of things before I really look into them because "I already know the answer". But I do have one very good asset; my wife.

I've wanted to have a couple of chickens here at the house to raise for eggs. If not to completely supply them then to supplement what we use. Also so that we know directly where our food is coming from and to provide the healthiest for our family. I looked into the city ordinances for the suburban area where we live, and in my "expert" opinion, we were not allowed to keep any. (You know, because even though I'm not a lawyer, I think I'm totally qualified to analyze the city ordinance legaleze.)

So now enter the wife. Always trying to look out for me and make me happy, she takes the immensly logical step of calling the city and asking for the ordinance expert. Turns out, that we can after all have chickens, but only two. For now anyway. Timing is everything.

As it just so happens we were told by this ordinance expert that this Tuesday at the city counsel meeting they will be discussing and taking comments on a motion to modify the code to allow up to 4 hens. I plan to be there. And hopefully I can get a couple of others to do the same.

I've said it before and I will again. I completely believe that focusing on a thing and truely believing in it will bring it too you like a magnet to steel. Focus on the way that that you picture a thing being and the solution will present itself. Very simply, a positive outlook is really the best tool for realizing our goals. That and a really great spouse of course.

Wish me luck with the counsel.


farm mom said...

Very Cool! Good luck at the meeting. I hope you can have 4, it's a good number for the birds I think, and a good number to have to feed a family.

Laura said...

Yay for you! Four is an excellent number. Our 4 are currently drowning us in eggs - an average of 3 a day or 21 a week. Can't wait to see what breeds you pick and what kind of coop you come up with! Good luck at the meeting.

P~ said...

Yes I think four will be a good number too, but I will certainly be happy to have at least 2 at least in the interim.
What breeds do/did you have? We are thinking that we will probably get Leghorn hens, but we aren't sure yet. It depends on what we are able to get. Our city is a little picky about how we acquire them. They need to be gotten from a local supplier as a "pet" not as livestock. I'll post more as I know more.

Anonymous said...

I'll try and be there if I can get off work "early".

- www.JoeLevi.com