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February 26, 2008


I had to share this. Caught red pawed with his head in the chicken coop. Our little chihuahua, Marcello is very interested in these little peepers that he can hear but generally can't see. Sunday I had them out of the big coop while I cleaned it and changed it over to "big bird" bedding of pine shavings. Well M~ got a good peek at them, in fact they were pretty interested in him as well and kept jumping on top of their feed dish to get a better look at this "thing". It was so cute, how could I not take a pic.


farm mom said...

LOL! Great pic! I've had some trouble commenting here lately, but thought I'd try again. Congrats on the chicks! And congrats on your family's journey, we enjoy reading about it!

jayedee said...

oh this is just adorable! the expression on your furbaby's face is priceless!