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February 5, 2008

Not 1 or 2 or 3 or 4

But Five! Chickens that is. Even better than the four I had hoped for. Tonight I went to the city planning commission meeting and waited patiently through discussions about the particulars of business sign placement, parking lot easements and a particularly drawn out debate about whether or not to allow a variance for barbed wire fencing to separate residential and agriculture lands. Finally we got to the proposed land use ordinance that dealt with me getting to have chickens.

As it turns out, the commission chair person was the one that had proposed the change to the ordinance. The proposal would set chickens and rabbits apart as separate from both household pets and farm livestock. As he rightly put the matter, chickens are a very simple and low impact animal that would not be unreasonable to allow for keeping in our suburban area. The numbers that he proposed were up to 5 hens, or four rabbits, or a combination of the two not to exceed 6 total. The measure still has to pass a commission vote, and then the city council, but the support seemed to be there.

So now I have to ask, because you are my master mind group for this type of thing, any suggestions for breeds? We do want to have white eggs because that's what my wife and kids prefer, and heck I'm just gonna be happy to get some birds. I'm leaning towards either Leghorns or Black Minorcas. Does anyone have any experience with either of these. I know Phelan at Homesteading Neophyte has a possessed Leghorn rooster, but since we won't be allowed to keep roosters so I'm not worried about that. Either way, any information or suggestions are appreciated.


Laura said...

I don't have any experience with leghorns or the other white egg breeds. If you can't talk them into brown eggs, what about green? Ameraucanas are fun, and the eggs usually range from olive khaki to green.

P~ said...

I pretty much stuck with the white egg breeds, at least for now. Mere months ago, my wife was pretty adament that she didn't want chickens at all. I'm not completly sure what changed her mind, (aside from my incescent pestereing that is.) but I'm happy to make that concession to her. Either way, it will be nice to be able to get some homegrown eggs in a few months.

Anonymous said...

I had leghorn roosters too and they were high strung, flighty and mean. Never had the hens, but they may be a bit high strung too. The only other white egg layer I had were speckled hamburgs and these birds were also flighty and stand offish. (When you have close neighbors, you don't want a flock of hens that are going to make a squaking racket at every little thing.) The calmest, nicest, quietest breeds I've had are Buff Orpingtons, Black Australorps, and Barred Rocks. They were all brown egg layers though. Try the Backyard Chickens forum. They have great message boards and lots of experienced people there. Someone there may have a white egg layer recommendation. http://backyardchickens.yuku.com/
Good Luck! And Congrats on the 5 hens! I hope it goes through!!

Phelan said...

The hens are fine, prolific layers. If you want white the Black Minorcas are the way to go. Most hens are not real high strung. My rooster, you have to realize is a breed that is down right plain mean, and add to it the fact that I have his cuncubines have been locked up and he hasn't been able to be a man for a little while. Poor baby.

Ameraucanas not only lay green, but all shades of pinks and blues as well. The easter egg bird is great for kids.

If she ever changes her mind about brown eggs, I know some wonderful breeds. Good luck, and I will keep my fingers crossed for you.