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February 24, 2008

Family ~ Isn't it about...time

Our church has some commercials on television that say that, and honestly, church or not, it's a good idea. We don't do it enough, with projects and day to day stuff, but it's really what I think makes a strong family strong. It's these times when we get to talk, and laugh and sometimes get a little raucous. Oh yeah, and as you can tell from the pictures eat some really tasty, not so healthy treats.
We played Monopoly tonight, it's one of those games that we try to dissuade the boys from, since to date we have never managed to actually finish a game. That aside, we had a good weekend, got a lot done and ended with some quality time together.

Today was also my oldest sons birthday. D~ is not with us, he lives in Washington state with his mother. Today he was 15 and growing right up. It's hard to believe that I'm old enough to have a 15 yr old. I don't feel that old?! I miss him every day; but that, is a topic for a much longer post.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Check in tomorrow for a 100 ft diet update from this weekends meal.

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