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April 5, 2008

Ooops, I did it again.

Yep, we got more birds.

It wasn't really as spontaneous as it sounds though. The ordinance that I have been pushing for, and that I am still imminently confident will pass (hopefully this month!) will allow us to keep up to 5 hens. Although we currently have 7, only three of those are confirmed pullets. The other four should be males; I am still questioning whether or not that's the case though, there's a couple that just look "feminine" for lack of a better description. So anyway, we've been planning on going to the local farm store today for their advertised "Chick Day" and I'm glad we did. It was absolute mayhem there this afternoon, I can only imagine a Saturday afternoon.

The new chicks are Brown Leghorns, and will grow up to be very nice additions to the others. I currently have them in the basement, in the same type of box brooder that I used for the older chickens that we have. Speaking of which, this weekend I'll be re-purposing some discarded 2x4's into a new home for the chooks. They need a bigger feeder, and more room to... sorry for this... "spread their wings". Watch for a post on the building of it later this weekend.

As far as my other plans, there's prepping and planting potatoes, planting second beets, and prepping the other beds for future planting, weather permitting. I hope you all are expecting better weather than we are. I love the rain and the gloom, but it kills us when it always comes on Sat-Sun. Geez! Some people have to work all week you know?

Have a great weekend all.


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Phelan said...

If you haven't yet, check out my saturday post. It is about how many "farm" animals the city of Wichita, Kansas allows. You might be interested to read that 12 birds are allowed. Follow the link and it gives you the nitty gritty of it. Maybe it will help you in you chicken fight.