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April 28, 2008

In Vitro Meat and a Food Crisis

In the little bit of news that I catch in between songs on the radio over the last few days, I've heard about something being called In Vitro Meat (Really? Can't anyone come up with something more...appetizing to call it?) that is supposed to help solve the problem of the planet's desire for meat based proteins. Then I heard about something that I knew was coming down the pike, the global food crisis. Allow me a moment to rant will you ?

Is it just me or does anyone else find it crazy that in a time when we are beginning to learn about how having our global economy and by proxy global food supply inextricably linked together may not in fact be an optimal situation. When the monoculture of our food supply in it's current state is not only not sustainable, but is a precariously balanced thing that could, at the least bit of blight or infestation, collapse and send not only us but the global populations into a further culinary tailspin. That at this time there would be people sitting down to have a serious discussion of how to "manufacture" the flesh of animals, in a petri dish for human consumption?! If companies like Monsanto are already being allowed to patent an organism (seeds and plants), then certainly you have to know that whatever company is able to meet the challenge being, at least in part, sponsored by PETA will be the patent holding, protein supplying, Soylentesque company that will be supplying most of our food. That is madness people!
We need to diversify and decentralize. We as consumers, and I mean that literally as in "we who consume food", need to begin to take responsibility for more of our own diet. If we are able to provide ourselves with even two or three meals a week from our own own land then not only will we be reducing our dependence of foreign oil and foreign foods, but we will be freeing up the foods that we were consuming for those in need of anything to eat. As for the In Vitro meat, it just can't be a good thing. We can't replicate an egg, how are we going to replicate a chicken? We need to consume less meat. That's really all I can say about it. Note: I did not say NONE, just LESS. We would not only be doing the environment and the food crisis some good, we would certainly be doing ourselves some good. I know my waistline agrees.

The more people we can get to at least begin to understand this the better. Share your passion for growing with your friends and associates. Help others to build their passion for it and learn from them, and you'll probably come away a better person not to mention gardener to boot.


Anonymous said...

Wow p`, that is very disturbing! Great post, I couldn't agree more. We need to eat less meat and support only those small farmers who raise animals in a healthy manner. Healthy for the animal, for the consumer, and for the planet.

Verde said...

Hi there, just following links to related blogs and appreciated your blog.

As many of us as can begin talking to others - in a way they can hear- will make a differance.

Phelan said...

I'm here, and you know I have a few things to say on this subject.

PETA wants to sponsor this? Do People at people think at all? I have heard so many things about them, that I am starting to think that they are crueler then any stock yard.

We won't even mentioned what something like this will do to the small family farm, that's a given. But what about the animals that this meat replaces? Has anyoone even thought about that? We are losing barn yard animals extiction everyday. Hertiage animals that haven't people people effed to make better. Udders shouldn't be that big, you don't have to have that much fat on an animal.... All these heritage breeds will dissapear if this becomes popular. No one wants a cow for a pet, and no one really has the money just to have cows hanging out. You don't need to eat less meat, you need to eat more of the hertiage breeds.