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April 14, 2008

The boys are back in town...Spring is wonderful

This weekend, is the first one that I've seen the bees in the yard. Not Yellow Jackets, I saw a couple of those a few weeks ago, these were Bees. Ah yes. Spring has sprung and the Boys are back in the garden. I thought you might enjoy a little eye candy courtesy of the Macro lens...

It's amazing isn't it? How do they hang on like that?

They seems to really like the grape hyacinths on the side yard. Give them another couple of weeks, or less, and they'll be all over the first time we'll get our Lilac to bloom (We're so excited... we love lilacs!!)

I've found over the last couple of seasons that we've been moving to a more organic and natural way of tending our gardens, that I have had a marked increase in the number of bees from the first year we were here. Of course I should qualify that statement, I don't mean the first year, I mean the first real season as there was nothing in our yard the first year.
Here are a couple of the things sprouting up around my 100 foot grocery outlet.

One of the first of the 150 onion sets that were planted last weekend to poke it's head up.

The peas are popping up too. If you look at the background, you can see some mesclun mix that I plated under the trellising start to poke up as well. My hope is that by the time our temps here get too hot for the greens, maybe the peas will shade them... it could work?

Here we have a couple of sprouts from the same bed. Radishes that are growing along the front of the bed, and some spinach sprouts that are in rows inside the bed

I also managed to get a couple of the "leggy" sprouts from the peat pellets into some larger planters. Those are mostly tomatoes; Brandywine, Hamson and San Marzano, and a couple of butternut squash that my uncle sent to me.

I love spring... such promise for the future, life springing up all over... I hope you all had a great weekend and that your gardens are waking up as well.


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Robbyn said...

I never get tired of seeing bees...for some reason, they just make me happy!