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April 2, 2008

2008 Garden update

The sprouts have been sprouting slowly over the last week. Here we have a tray with a few cabbage, broccoli, and some cucumber stouts. The brassicas (cabbage and broccoli will go into the garden probably in another week or two at most. The cuc's not until near to mothers day.)

Things aren't coming up as fast as I had hoped; some of the other trays we have aren't nearly as full of sprouts as these, but I do have some tomato's coming up and some of our annual flowers have sprouted as well.

As I was saying the other day about never mastering gardening... well there you go. We get a little better every year. I just keep waiting for the year to come when I don't have anything to do in the late winter / early spring besides plant sprouts. Next year right? Always next year!

Glad to see so many of you are doing well with your sprouts this year. Looking forward to more updates.

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