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April 18, 2008

you call it...

OK all you Chicken experts, I have a question for you. Which one is the cockerel (young rooster)?
My guess is the one on the bottom, was yours? Well actually they're both supposed to be but I'm not so sure. Back in February when the birds showed up, I mentioned that the company I ordered from included a few extra male birds for warmth. Both of these were extra birds, but three of the four of them that I got, look like the bird on the left. The one on the right whom I named "Ugly kid Joe" is the only one of the lot that has developed the larger comb and lobes. He's also the only one starting to get vocal. This morning, I was upstairs and heard some sound that sounded like a little dog barking. I asked the wife what that was but she hadn't heard anything. A little while later, we were downstairs and definitely both heard one of the birds "speaking up". Joe's also started puffing up and chasing the other birds around.
So my question to you is are they both roosters or just the one. Either way, he keeps up this attitude, he may be on my new rotisserie soon.
Tomorrow I have decided to take some action, and may be calling for your help on it.
Till then


laura said...

well, you sometimes can get a situation where you have a dominant rooster and the rest act like hens until he's gone. It's still a bit too soon to know as it can take until 10 weeks or so to be sure. Or you could eat him and see what the others do...

Anonymous said...

Laura is right. We often have one dominant rooster and the rest act kind of girly. Sooner or later hormones win and they'll crow too.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the others, there's usually one or two boys who stand out first. But at first glance (before reading your text) I thought you were showing pics of a hen and a roo to show the difference. You may want to wait on the other one, you may get lucky and get an egg layer after all!! :)