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April 19, 2008

Feeling Cocky (when good birds go bad.)

So my last post was asking for help decideing whether or not all of my cockerels are indeed cockerels. By the way, Laura and Kim, thanks for your input. I've watched a little closer since, and I think you're right. They are all cocerels but definitely submissive to Joe. They will do a lot of the same posturing and flapping that he does, and will stand up in a "fight", but eventually back down to him. I thought I'd drop in a little video to show what I've been talking about. As soon as the sun starts to lighten the garage (that's where the outlaws are until the city ordinance passes.) Joe starts piping up.

So? Was I exaggerating? That's a bird that just aching for the pot in my opinion. We'll see how the ordinance passing goes this tuesday. Maybe I'll grant him a reprieve if they'll have to stay in the garage for a little longer, but if the law passes and they can go outside he's definitely a goner. So I guess I'm pulling for him to get the ax. (Of course I'm not really gonna use an ax.... geez.)Thanks again for the input ladies. Gotta run, big earth day events planned for today. More on that later.
Oh and by the way, the action I mentioned I was going to take will be a little longer in coming, I wanted to think it through a little more.
Have a great weekend all.

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