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August 10, 2008

Airing it out - A Family Affair

I thought I'd share a picture of another clothes line today. It's a special one, but it's not mine. So what makes it special then? It's my Moms! Yeah Mom!!
I got an email from sunny southern California the other day with this picture and the news from her that she hasn't used her dryer for sheets and towels for the last 2 months. Two months Mom and I'm just now hearing about it? Two months of me thinking I'm the only crazy one in the family "making" my wife lug the laundry down stairs to hand it up. Jeez, quit leaving a guy hanging.

So now I have to wonder to myself, could I have possibly had an influence in this? Could my incessant bantering on and on about sustainability and re-use and yada yada yada have rubbed off? Well, as much as I'd like to take the credit, I think it should probably be going the other way. I mean, who do you think made me the way I am after all? I remember my mom hanging clothes when I was a kid, heck this is the woman that I've seen put plastic "disposable plates" in the dishwasher to get another use out of them so re-use and sustainability were part of my upbringing before they were the terms du jour. My Dad was always a leader to me on that too. We have family home movies of him fixing up a second hand stroller that I think they probably picked up at a garage sale and one of my greatest Christmas's as a kid was the one when Santa brought in a "new" red bike that I didn't know had been refurbed by Dad for me.
So now when I see my Mom taking the time to do things a little bit different than probably most of her neighbors, as much as I'd like to take a little credit for it, I can't. I'm just following their lead.
Thanks guys.

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