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August 27, 2008

This is a first

Well I've really gone and done it now.
There's a radio show by the name of Radiowest that's on our local NPR affiliate that I listen to fairly regularly. A few weeks ago I sent them a suggestion for a program to talk about the movement that I see going on nationally around food and in particular people like myself that are trying to move towards producing more of there own foods. You know, oddballs like us that actually want to spend our evenings in our yards growing food, or feeding chickens. We, who spend hot summer afternoons in even hotter yet kitchens preserving our harvests for enjoyment later. Well guess what, they liked the idea and the show will air tomorrow afternoon.

I know, you're thinking "What? What did you do?". Well, actually nothing bad, quite the opposite. I've gone and gotten myself invited to be a part of the program! Yep, I'm gonna be on the radio tomorrow afternoon at 11:00 MST to share my experiences about homesteading and the new Victory Garden movement. This will be my first experience with being on the radio so, with any luck, I won't end up sounding like a buffoon.
If your interested, and your in the Salt Lake area, you can tune in for the program at 11:00 on 90.1 FM. Otherwise, the station does stream online HERE.
Wish me luck!


farm mom said...

YAY!! Way to go p~!!! Knock 'em dead...break a leg.....(what's the appropriate "good luck phrase" for someone doing radio anyway?!)So happy for you! I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job!!

MeadowLark said...


The only way "fringe" movements grow is when the "last to adopt-ers" start thinking it's no longer fringe.

Good job on getting the message further out. (I never felt fringe, but then I'm not growing nearly as much as most of you)

Sandy said...

Very cool! Please post a link to the audio archive so we can access it later.