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August 15, 2008

The girls...

Well, as promised I thought it was time to post an update to how my girls are doing. I have to say that I am very happy that we decided to mail order our chooks. (Australian term for chickens. I just love it... sounds just like the noise they make... chook chook...) anyway as I was saying. I'm glad we decided to order them a month and a half before our local farm store was going to get them in. The white leghorns that we got in first started laying over a month ago and have been providing us with a consistent 3 eggs a day.
This is big momma, she runs the roost around here, and is really the only one that has a name. She matured before the others, and started the laying off first as well.
And here is one of the brown leghorns that are just hitting the 19 - 20 week mark and are starting to lay now too. These girls came from the farm store and if we had waited until they came in, we wouldn't have gotten any eggs yet but maybe one or two. Timing is everything isn't it?
Here's the browns again. They pretty much just sit around and watch what the whites do. Then when the whites are done, they do the same thing. After the picking on they got when being introduced the "pecking order" is pretty well ingrained in them.
They sure are nice to take pics of though. I have to say that now that we've had the chooks for a bit they are everything I'd hoped. (but friendly) they don't make noise, they give me healthy, tasty eggs, and their fun as heck to watch. The City Counsel here finally accepted the draft of the Title X change that is pending with the chicken law amendments in it. The first "reading" will be on Sept 9th, and hopefully they'll vote on it then too. A little at a time, I'll get them legal eventually.

Have a great Friday all, more to come this weekend. Sooo Many chores.
Take care!


farm mom said...

Oh yeah....leghorns and friendly are not synonymous. At least you don't have any roos!! You'd be in real trouble then!! :)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick (funny)comment about illeagal chickens. When I was in sixth grade my mother took us on a cross country trip to Michigan to visit her family. We ended up bringing two chickens back with us. At the time we lived in San Francisco. I don't remember how long the chickens lived in our little backyard, but I have great memories of driving cross country with two chickens in the backseat of a gold Lincoln Continental, listening to Peter, Paul, and Mary on 8 track! Crazy days

Rhonda Jean said...

Hi P, it's good to see the lingo spreading out across the planet. ;- ) It's a nice group of chooks you have there.

Christy said...

They are so pretty. I can't wait to get my chickens! Some day....

P~ said...

FM~ I should put it like this. They aren't mean... just skiddish. Even just this evening we had a two year old neighbor boy over with his parents and Big Momma was walking righ around us all while the little boy fed her a bit of "scratch". They're getting better.
Anonymous~ That was a great story. Thanks for sharing.
Rhonda~ Hey, glad to see you! You know I love that term. I'll use it forever I think.

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Sandy said...

How many chickens do you have and how much space do you have for them? As I posted on my site, I just bought four chickens, but I can see upping the number next spring. We're working on the coop right now and I'm thinking about making it a bit bigger than I originally thought to allow for more chickens down the road.

P~ said...

I currently have 9 birds. and they have approximately 30 sq feet including their hen house. The coop I built was designed on a 4x6 base (=24 sqFt) but has two levels, with the hen house being about another 16 sq ft. (4x4). They do also get to have time a few days a week out of the coop in the yard "free ranging" while we do our work in the garden. They are healthy, and laying regularly. Good luck with your chooks.