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April 2, 2009

Master Gardener Final Update.

I did it, I finished the Master Gardener programs 40 hrs of classroom training!!
Whhooo hooo...!!!

Today was the last class and what we talked about was public speaking. I got called up to be a part of today's class since I'm the only participant that has already been put in that situation. I felt a little odd sitting in front of what are essentially my peers having gone through the same class as them, but being presented as some level of authority.

We also used some of the class time to break up into a few gardening groups. What we're going to do for a part of our community outreach is to have each group put together a garden bed in the demonstration garden for the county fair. The group A~ and I put together decided that we would use "Companion Plants" as our theme for our box. It should be really fun to do I think.

Also, another development that came about today was that I had an opportunity to get to know one of the men that was in our class and will be in our group. He lives just a couple of miles from us and has an active bee hive going in his suburban backyard. He's invited me over the next time he is doing maintenance work so I can help and learn. I can't wait!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Master Gardener program is a great thing. I, of course, encourage you to make it a priority to give it a shot if you're so inclined, but if nothing else, give your local extension office a call. They're a great resource.

Have a great day everyone. Till next time...


Anonymous said...

Congrats p!! So what's next for you, huh? A book, your own radio show...oh! Tv talk show on the creative channel!? I cannot wait to see....and I already feel like I can say "I knew him when...." :)

Eva said...

Congratulations on finishing your class! Did the class by chance cover seeds? The viability, testing for germination in 'old' seeds? Molded seeds? Just wondering. After our move, some of my seeds have molded, I'm trying to test old corn for germination. If you have any information/knowledge in the area, I would love to hear about it.


P~ said...

FM~ yes...all of it...Mwahh haa haa I'll soon take over the blogosphere and then all media sources and ...and ....Awe hell who knows? Glad you're still peekin' in and putting up with my ramblings freind. Hope you're doing well.

Eva~ You made a pretty significant environmental change from Pacific North West to South Pacific Island. I would guess that some of them may have been hyper humidified during the move. I am going to make the assumption that you shipped your goods like I did when I move here FROM O'ahu. There's a lot of wet air out there, and being exposed to it for a long period of time could have affected them.
Sorry to say, but were it me, I would try to germinate them on some damp paper towels in a zip lock and then put them in dirt if they do germ. Grow them this year if they will, but otherwise I'd say they're probably a loss.
If they're seeds you saved and want to keep the genetics going then hope for at least one healthy plant and start over. The upside is that the soil and climate there are so different that they would need to start re-aclimating to it anyway.

Good luck!

Eva said...

Thanks for the feedback! I've tried germinating some of the old corn seeds in paper towels, and nothing has happened. I directly sowed carrot, celery, and lemon cucumber...after more than a week, nothing. I was hoping some would be okay. Guess not. I didn't take into consideration the time they spent on a barge. Thanks for pointing it out! Thank you also for your input. On the bright side, my new zucchini and tomatillo have sprouted!

Thanks again!

Kimberly said...

I'll have to check into the MG classes here. I've got a lot to learn. Of course, not knowing what I'm doing has yet to slow me down!