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April 29, 2009

Limoncello Completo (Il limoncello è finita)

Yes, that fast it is completed. I steeped it for four days, then strained and added the cooled simple syrup mixture and voila. Limoncello. I decided to take the pictures outside to really give you an idea of the beautiful irridenscent glow of the finished product. It looks deeply golden indoors, but with some light turns the most pale, fragile yellow. It really is a liquor made just for spring.

Drink it chilled, whether just refrigerated or nearly frozen, and you have a treat for after dinner that you'll truly enjoy. Particularly if you're a lover of all things lemon like me.
Here's to life. Here's to spring. Here's to you!!


aliciajane said...

Every time I see someone make Limoncello, I think... I am so doing that asap.

Maybe I will start it this weekend?!

Amanda said...

*Sigh* Now I really, really want a meyer lemon tree...That looks delicious! A lemon-lime combo might be tasty, or what about orange? Grapefruit? I may have to do some experimenting! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing p! But c'mon, you gotta tell us, how was it?!? Would you make it again?

P~ said...

Angie, I have to say...and I'm not even exagerrating, I LOVE it. Seriously, I keep stealing little nips at night, I think the wifes starting to worry I'll turn into a Limoncello lush!
None of the lemon went to waste either. I juiced the lemons after peeling them and made the juice into concentrate for lemonade at work, and the peels were candied for...well, eating I guess?
Long story short the limoncello was excellent. Try it, you'll love it.

Carole said...

I wonder if Meyer lemon trees grow here in FL? We planted orange and grapefruit but no lemon. After reading your post I want lemon. This recipe sounds delicious!