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April 7, 2009

Spring is for lovers...

Yes it is. Spring is when I met my wife. We would take walks around along the riverside, sit in the park and talk about dreams and life and generally just enjoyed every minute being together.

Sometimes the day to day of life, work and parenting get the better of us and we forget to just be a couple. The last couple of days we got to remember. The boys went down to SLC to stay with family and go to a concert while they're on Spring break and we had a chance to re-connect.
Yesterday we took a walk, and had dinner together and today we took a ride on the "eco-hog" to a nearby park and had a picnic dinner together.
I have to say I love riding around with her huggin me and I can't say I took the long way home on accident *wink wink*.

I just wanted to leave a message here to let her know I love her and I love our time together.

SHMILY baby...


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Wonderful good stuff!!tp