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April 8, 2009

Progress in the garage.

A~ and I decided, even before we moving in to this home, that we wanted to have a sink in the garage. Since we built this home from the ground up, we had the luxury of making sure that we had a drain and water access available to the area where we planned for it to go.

And that's pretty much as far as it got. A couple of years ago, I went ahead and tied into the drain, and piped in the hot and cold water but then got side tracked again. This weekend I got the corner cleared out for good, and this is what I had to work with.It's plenty deep, about four feet in fact, and nearly 8 feet long.

I had initially planned to just put in a large utility basin and build a basic plywood counter next to it. As the last few years have seen us growing and processing more and more food, we decided that we wanted to have a real sink and counter area where we could do all of our "straight from the garden" food processing before bringing everything into the house.I started with a basic support frame for the counter. I have a tendency to OVER build things. I did manage to hold myself back on this one though and I'm happy with it over all.Once I got that framed out, I could set the counter top and cut a whole for the sink. I was actually able to get a shelf in the middle of the base, but I didn't get a pic of it.

I still need to get some back splashing put in place and finish plumbing the sink in, but I should be able to get that finished up this weekend. That will give me one more chore crossed off the 2009 to-do list, and get me one step closer to working the greenhouse. No too close though...I still have a desk to build and some shelving to finish off. Baby steps....oh so many baby steps :)

Till tomorrow all, be well!


TheMartianChick said...

That looks great! I wish that we had a place where we could do something like that...Instead, we just track lots and lots of mud in through the back door and all across the kitchen floor.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Can't wait to see the finished project!!



Anonymous said...

Good Job!! tp