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April 22, 2009


I tried a new experiment yesterday. It's something that I've wanted to do for some time and yet, somehow, after I brought home the fresh Meyer lemons from my moms tree a couple of months ago, I didn't think of it.Remember these? I'm telling you they are the best damn lemons I've ever had! Every time I've cut them, or used them for anything I am over whelmed with the sheer lemoneyness (is that a word? It is now!) of them.

So as I was saying, I brought home a big bag of these from my visit with the folks 2 months ago. I love them so much I wanted to make sure that I used them for something that would really capture the essence of them. The problem was, I mostly use lemons in the Summer with our fresh fruits and veggies and they just aren't there yet.

Then, last week, while A~ and I were at the liquor store we were talking and joking and then mentioned Limoncello and BANG! Brainstorm! I can't think of anything that would better capture the sweet lemoneyness (yeah, there's that new word again...feel free to use it anytime...) than some delicious homemade Limoncello. I found a pretty easy recipe online that even I could do on my own and that I needed nothing special to do.I used a regular potato peeler to peel the rind off the lemons into thin but wide strips of the zest from 10 lemons.

I later made sure that I juiced the lemons so as not to waste any of the lemons whatsoever. That will be getting concentrated with some sugar into a special summer treat to make some lemonade with.I added all the lemon zest peels into a large bowl and poured a full new 750 ml bottle into the bowl on top of them. Next I used a potato masher to give the peels a light pressing, not enough to crush them just enough to make me feel like I did a little work you know?

The recipe is as follows:
10 lemons
1 (750-ml) bottle vodka
3 1/2 cups water
2 1/2 cups sugar

You can see that there's a good bit of water and sugar added after the lemons have had a chance to steep in the Vodka for 4 days. I'll need to make a simple syrup from the sugar and water in a couple of days and then cool it completely before adding it to the strained out Vodka. Then I can refrigerate it for easily a month.

I have to add to this that I did give it a little "one day" test tonight by adding a bit of it to a little sugar and water just to check if it's doing anything. Oh man I can't wait!! It was soooooo goood! Wish I could have you all up for a visit and a sample. Oh yeah, and by the way in case you were wondering how these lemons held up for two whole months in the fridge. They were literally no different than any fresh lemons that I may have picked up in the store the day before. It truly was a testament to how long fresh lemons can last. Hmm? makes me wonder how old those lemons in the store are?

Hey Mom... how about some more lemons next time your out huh? You should give this a try. You're neighbors would love it.

All the best to you all. Catch you again soon.


Robbyn said...

I love me a Meyer lemon, too...and wow, this sounds fantastic! :)

(your title reminds me of that Sesame Street song where Bert sings Luh Luh Luh, li-no-le-um! ha)

Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife said...

I did this with clementines over the winter, with a much longer steeping time. Turned out pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Oh man...I wish we neighbors!! That looks delish, my friend. Enjoy! :)

Kory said...

Now I really want that meyer lemon tree I ordered for the sunroom to show up PRONTO!

Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

That sounds like a very refreshing drink for the heat & humidty of the summer. Bookmarked to come back and make it later. :D

Shell said...

Now THAT is awesome :) I can't wait to try it!

Amanda R. said...

Ditto on wishing we were neighbors! I can't wait to try it!

Irma said...

Again, I'm not on topic, but my peas are going in next weekend using your experiment. Can you give a quick update on yours, sometime this week? (And are you sick of the Crazy Pea Stalker yet!)

Verde said...

I want to try one of those trees as an indoor plant here. I should get it ordered before it gets hot.

Something I picked up over at Dimitri Orlov's blog, if you run a, um, lesser quality of vodca through a carbon filter, it imporves the quality significantly.