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April 8, 2009

Rainy weather and a shoutout.

Hi all, Spring decided to take a break for a couple of days. It grew slowly colder today as the day went along and then the winds kicked in. The rains started just before dark and literally battered the side of the house and the window.

Spring is an odd beast isn't it? I mean, you can be so excited to get out and get your hands dirty and the sun is shining and you're basking in it...All is right with the world, and then the change. It will grow cold, windy and rainy, maybe even slow a bit on you and remind you that Summer will get here when it darn well pleases and you can do nothing about it! But maybe that's where the fun is at?

Summer, you know what you get generally. Here it's hot; high 80's to low 100's kind of hot and for months at a stretch. Winter's just the opposite. Cold, snowy, windy and unforgiving. So that leaves us Spring and Fall to really enjoy the weather, the temps and the rain. For my part, I love it. It gave me a chance to almost finish up the work on the garage kitchen today too. I should have it done by the weekend. Woohoo~

A shout out:
I had a post put up a couple of days ago by another blog that had asked my permission to do a write up on my "Chicken condo" brooder set-up. It seems to be a pretty decent site from what I can tell. If you get a chance, give em a read.


Sandy said...

We just got three baby chicks today and that post gave me some ideas for improving our brooder. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I did give'em a read! Our baby chicks won't be here till the end of May. Great idea for a brooder. Thank you!!!tp