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April 19, 2007

The end of the world.

Well, at least that's what I thought last night while I was trying to sleep. That storm that rolled in yesterday showed up hard and heavy right about bed time. A little snow, thank goodness not enough to cover anything, a lot of rain and either Hail or sleet (I wasn't inclined to get up and verify.). I thought around 2:00 am that the end of the world had come and we were all being blown away. Not kidding, it was that loud. But this time I was prepared and whipped out the ole baffled ear plugs. Slept fine after that. (Hmm, I wonder how they would work on Sunday mornings when the kids are playng with the dog?) I know this is probably the lamest post anyone's ever read, but if you had suffered through the last few storms with no sleep because the location of your bed in the bedroom, placed you directly headlong in the path of any heavy storm or wind that came along and rattled the vinyl siding that's about 8 inches from your head; combined with the constant rocking creak coming from the porch swing that was strategically placed on the covered porch directly below your bed. (Yes, directly below! Our master bedroom is cantilevered over the porch.) believe me, you would be as excited as me to have slept through this one!


Anthony said...

Sounds like you need to invest in a bench to replace your swing. Or maybe some ear plugs. :)

Our rivers are still cresting in NJ and there's a lot of flooding but thankfully we didn't get any snow either.

P~ said...

I did get some ear plugs, that's why I got any sleep at all. the last couple of storms, I've just had to bear with it. Hope the flooding's not affecting you. My wifes family is all in West Virginia, and they're getting a lot of flooding. She is more surprised at how surprised all the media outlets are by the floods, "It's does this every year in WV" in her words.