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April 5, 2007

Full Disclosure

Well Carol ,over at May Dreams Gardens posted a picture of her gloves. I replied that I indeed had many gloves, but could not find any of my right ones. I did offer what I thought a reasonable excuse, my pathetically messy garage. To which she made, I am sure in jest, the remark that "that would be something to see", and could perhaps make everyone else feel good about their own garages. So in the interest of full disclosure. Here it is:

So, now that excuse seems a little more resonanble does't it? I'm going to make it a challenge to myself to make this garage an orderly little workshop, an eden of inspiration to all, well, OK maybe just orderly. If I get my "dirty" laundry out there, I have to clean it up as I see it.


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Carol Michel said...

I feel really good about my garage right now. It's not near perfect, but I can get my car and truck in it. I'm looking forward to seeing your after pictures, with full sts of gloves! Thank you!