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April 30, 2007

What a weekend

Groan... creek.. arrrgg; What a weekend! A~ and I spent literally the whole weekend from Fri afternoon to Sunday evening working like crazy people in the yard. Allow me to tick off a list of tasks.

•Leveling, straightening, and backfilling the recycled concrete edging that we put in earlier this year.
•Planted some new perennials around the front of the house.
•Finished laying the recycled concrete pavers under our pergola. (Watch for pictures this week.)
•Mixed huge batch of plantable fill dirt to fill into the spacers between the pavers and planted two sheet trays of elfin thyme to grow along spaces.
•Stretched shade fabric over the pergola to give some nice shade this summer.
•Finished roofing the wood hutch that I built earlier this spring. (Again, watch for pictures later.)
•Sided the wood hutch with some recycled siding that a constr. site was throwing out.
•Mowed the lawn.
•Spread some grass seed and starter fertilizer onto the thin spots on the lawn.
•Dug out and repaired three sprinkler heads.

And I'm sure there were a couple of other things that I've forgotten. At any rate, this had to be one of the busiest weekends we've had since... well, since last spring. My wife and I have a little too much ambition for our own good sometimes. We also are firm believers in the fact that if we work really hard during the spring when the weather is cooler and perfect, we can be lazy larry's all summer when it's 90+ degrees. Here's the problem with that, we don't actually have any control over the weather, go figure. It turns out that this weekend on the Wasatch Front we set a new record high of 89 degrees on Sunday and Sat. wasn't much cooler. Oh well, the hammock will be nice in that shade this summer, and I can't say I've ever had a bad time spending a whole weekend working closely with my sweetie. That's all for now, I gotto go take some Aleve! Groan... humph. C-ya.

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