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April 22, 2007

First Harvest of the Year!!!

Can anyone out there think of a better way to enjoy Earth Day, that with the first harvest of the year from ones home garden? I can't! Today I found the Rhubarb in the yard that I was so close to pulling out this year was about to bolt, so I went out to trim it up. In doing this, I decided to clip off some of the larger stalks. Well, long story short, I could smell the rhubarb stalks, and "ding" lightbulb moment. A~ stocked the fridge with some tasty strawberries yesterday, so I decided to get in the kitchen and make up a rhubarb-strawberry pie. Yeah yeah, you heard me right, I went into the kitchen to bake a pie. and might I say, it was soooo, tasty! And of course, like anything coming from your own yard, it tasted all the better. I decided this recipe is going in the bookmarks list, and of course I'll share it here. Get out and try it; you'll just taste the summer coming!

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Jacob said...

I was craving pie and coffee so badly a couple of days ago, but I really couldn't think of a place in the city that sells slices of good pie. I think that's going be my new quest.