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January 9, 2008

BEWARE: Carbs on board!

Am I am freaking lucky or what? I'm the only guy that I know who gets to bring to work fresh home made donuts to share with his coworkers. I don't know if I've said it lately, but I am very thankful to have such a "Sweet" wife. We made some cake style donuts last year that were OK, but these are the bread style risen ones. Oh, man! I swear they're like Krispy Kremes.

Since we have begun to enjoy almost exclusively home made bread, rolls, sourdough pancakes and waffles, and now donuts I have to say I've been transformed. I have never really been a big bread eater, I just never got it. I would much rather have filled up on all the other stuff. Bread was just "Sucker food"; fills you up to fast you know? Has my tune changed! I know why bread became such a staple of mankind's diet no matter where on earth he lives. The smell of fresh bread, the soft texture, and the taste, Mmmmm. OK, I'm officially getting the midnight munchies... If you are not a big baker, take it from me, bread is not that difficult, doesn't take all that much time, and there is really very little else that you can do for your family or neighbor that says they are special to you like a fresh warm loaf, or in this case, some homemade tasty treats.

Question though, how is this supposed to help me reach my 190 lb weight goal??? All things in moderation I guess.


Anonymous said...

You could switch to only using whole grains, as your next challenge.

I haven't baked much in the last year or so and I had forgotten the conversion factor for whole grain flour (needs more liquid. Or less flour.) So Monday night I made a loaf of beer bread with the consistency of a brick. It was good anyway. But DENSE.

Tonight's was better. Just had to cut the amount of flour I used (because I can't make there be more beer in the can.)

Start hand-grinding your own wheat and using that for bread - you'll get more exercise, more fiber, and more protein. Weight loss!

P~ said...

We have been using whole grain a little bit. We purchased some hard white wheat a while back, but have not yet settled on a grinder, although we are leaning toward just what you suggested, a hand grinder. Do you have a suggestion?
Thanks for your recommendation.

Anonymous said...

The only one I've ever used was the giant turn-wheel from Lehman's. I keep playing with the idea of getting one of my own but they're so darn *big*.

I just really hate the noise from the electric ones.

Can you grind grain in a blender? I know I've seen people on the vegan cooking show make toasted polenta that way.

P~ said...

That's the type we have looked into. They are big, but we are planning an small kitchenette in our garage where we could actually permanently mount it. I would like to find a way of making a pedal powered way of cranking it too. The noise isn't such a concern to us as much as being able to power it without electricity if the need arises. As far as a blender, I think you would burn it up pretty quikly. How has your experience been with Lehmans? We have been looking at a couple of items there.