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January 2, 2008

Introducing "A Mentis..."

First of all, I wanted to say thank you to all of those that responded to my question regarding my “scribbles”. I was very heartened to see the support out there for me sharing my writings. I decided after much deliberation to begin a new blog for them. This is not to say that from time to time they won’t show up here, I still think that will be an interesting way to break up the day to day stuff.  I looked at what it was I wanted to accomplish by putting them out there, and what it was I wanted to share. In doing this I felt I could be more inclusive of not just my scribbles and writings, but my paintings, drawings and photography as well.

With this blog I wanted to build the habit of writing again, something that I always enjoyed and had moved away from, and to document and detail my daily exploration of life and to share my passions for gardening, building, repurposing, etc. In making a new blog, I want to create a place where I can focus on my creative side, a side that I’ve kept quite for too long. I always enjoyed writing, drawing, painting, photography; really any creative pursuit. As I “grew up” and got caught up in the day to day matters of life I feel like I lost that part of me. It wasn’t even so much that I just didn’t have time for it; I just seemed to have lost my connection to that creative spirit that was so dominant in me for so long. I want it back. I hope that by sharing and revisiting some of my older works, that I will be inspired to create new ones.  

So I’d like to introduce you to my newest endeavor: “A mentis ad scriptum”. From my mind to the page.
(Notice the theme? Latin is such a cool way of saying things.)
There’s not a lot there right now, matter of fact little more than a Welcome and an introduction. But I will be updating it regularly, and I hope to have you check it out and give me your feedback. If you are similarly inclined, and have a blog of your own for expressing your creative side share it with me, I’d love to be inspired by you.

Tomorrow, “The resolutions begin.” Simplifying to the extreme!



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