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January 16, 2008

An orderly home / A healthy child

We're not there completely, but we did clear out the things we had identified as "need to go" things this weekend. All the decorations and old frames that we had went to a nice lady we met through freecycle and a desk went to a friend of mine from work. The rest of the things went to our local charity thrift store on Saturday and lo and behold, we began to feel a little freer and had a lot of extra garage space all of a sudden.
Another thing that we have been doing so far this year, is to make specific plans with finish dates. This has served us so well It's amazing. It's like the world favors the prepared. We planned to take a trailer load of trash that's been sitting in the side yard since early fall before the first weekend in January, and we did. The day after we went, we started getting snow, and we now would not even have the ability to get the trailer out. Good timing. We also planned to take the last items to the Thrift store this saturday afternoon, and we did. The next morning, surprise, unexpected snow storm that would have been a pain to move stuff in; again, good timing.
A~ and I have really been happy with the way the new year has been shaping up. How's it going for you?


On the heart murmer front, we finally got the news from the echocardiogram. (I previously referred to it incorrectly as an electrocardiogram. My mistake.) It seems we have a healthy and active boy with a slightly leaky heart valve. In short, nothing for us to worry about. We will need to monitor it by having it checked every couple of years as he matures just to be safe but there are no expected issues.
Thank you all for you caring posts and encouragement. It means so much to have people we've never even met send us such well wishes.
I'll post more soon, I'm almost done with the catch up on the woodwork and will be a little freer with my time.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your son has been declared healthy and strong. Good news indeed!!

Marianna said...

Glad to hear your son's murmur was not serious.

And congrats on getting things taken care of.

Marianna said...
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