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March 10, 2007

another B E A utiful day

Well, today was another beautiful day! Did a little running around this morning with the missus, then took my three boys to the park. The air was cool, but not cold, no wind. A~ (that's the wife...) and I took a stroll on the river walk while the boys hit the swings and playground. It amazes me sometimes how big they're getting, while on the other hand they can seem like such little boys; this is a great age. Tomarrow I'll be taking them to the local skateboard park to tear it up a bit. They're so lucky to have all of the amenities that they do. They always say that I was so lucky to grow up in CA in the 70-80's, surfing and skateboarding everywhere. We did that because we didn't have all of the great city paid for spots that we do now. I'll probably hit it a little tomarrow also, after the bad arm break I had last year, I've been taking it easy all year. Time to start working back into it!
Well, that's all for now. More later.

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