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March 22, 2007

Square foot Garden.

Can you tell I finally got out to take some pictures. This is one of my square foot beds with the overhead frame that I use to vertical train my tomatoes. I swear by this method!

Here is one of my five bed garden.


Anthony said...

Looks great! Do you add the grids to your square foot gardens like the Mel Bartholomew book says. I haven't in the past but I think I might this year because it makes it look neater. By August, my garden is always a mess so maybe it'll help. What do you think?

P~ said...

yeah I do, Actually the bed that I took the individual picture is one of two that I removed the dirt from earlier this month and lined the bottom with cardboard. (try to do that with a conventional garden!) This is in an effort to try and curtain my morning glory problem. Out here we have a wild morning glory with small flowers that comes up everywhere and has such deep roots that you just can't get rid of the suckers! I'll be adding the grid lines probably this weekend. I actually don't use the sticks though, I think they're a little too wide, I use a white nylon string. When I work in the bed, and get dirt al over it, I just lift and flick and the dirts gone!

Jean Dunham said...

Very nice. You have a lot of boxes! We just started with 1 (4x8') box, we may add more next year.

Thanks Mel Bartholomew!

P~ said...

Yeah I have five, and I keep em full. Funny thing is that that is the number I started with. I'm a little obsessive when I have an inkling to do something I go at at full steam ahead! Plus I have three growing boys, they eat a lot!