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March 6, 2007

'82 Mercedes Deisel

original post - Friday, March 02, 2007

new car

Well, my wife and I have been looking into a new vehicle. New to us of course, we agree on the fact that buying a new car is just a way to take a financial hit so someone else can benefit from you paying to drive it off the lot and feel good. We are looking seriously into getting an old Mercedes Benz. an '82 to be exact. The reason we chose to really look into this car is because:1. Older car without all the digital enhancements, means easier to repair for the DIY'r of which I am a big one.2. It's a solid Iron block Diesel engine. It should get around 25-30 mpg, and will run on home-brewed Bio-diesel without any major converision. I am not a biodiesel home-brewer yet, but if I get his car I will be.3. I think my beautiful wife would look great driving down the road in it. Now my concerns with the car:1. It's 25 years old, and although it has only 92,000 orig miles on it (these diesels will generally run for at least 250k-300k miles.), it is bound to have small issues with it and being nickle and dimed by a car can be a major pain.2. My prize catch will look too good driving the car and attract too much attention...I don't like competition!that's it... really my only concerns.

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