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March 13, 2007

The garden begins.

Ah yes, life is good. Hands have been in the dirt, and the sweet smell of spring is in the air.
I got a trailer load of really good compost the other day. If you have not looked into it, your local community landfill may very well be in the business of making and selling a very good quality compost. They will generally collect green waste, leaves, branches, grass, etc. etc. and "cook" it over the fall and winter. This will result in a compost with a lot of different types of micro organisms and organic goodness that your plants will love. You will most likely not need to fertilize your garden if you have a good enough soil base.
Anyway, I did get out into the garden tonight after work, and am trying a new technique. I removed the soil from my garden box that I will be growing my early veggies in. (see my previous post regarding square foot gardens.) I then lined the base of the box with a layer of cardboard. The cardboard will allow water to flow through it, but will organically repel the dastardly morning glory weeds that attacked my garden last year. This will leave me with six inches of undisturbed light and fluffy compost rich growing medium.
Yeah I said six inches, it really works, I swear. You should have seen my tomatoes last year. I couldn't have gotten better at the grocery store. Not a blemish and mmm mmm good with fresh mozzerella and basil. I'll post again with the results. I have faith.

If you haven't gotten out yet, I sure hope it's because it's still frozen where you live; otherwise you need to get up get out and enjoy! After the garden time I took a quick walk with A~ and remembered the main reason I love spring. It always reminds me of when we met. We took walks and gathered Lilacs, said hi to the neighbors and just enjoyed each others company. Spring is about renewal, and I will always look forward to renewing my love with her!
Have a good day.

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