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March 19, 2007

Some weekends are made to do nothing

You know that's really not true, at least not the way it sounds. I didn't get a whole lot of chores done this weekend, but I really did do quite a lot.
We took the kids to the skateboard park twice. (I only skated once. I had to make sure I kept A~ company the first time since I dragged her along against her will.) We had a great picnic in a park down the road where the kids could play, and we tossed the ball around, ate a great spread of picnic food, and got our first good shade of pink for the year!
That night we watched a movie together and then crashed for the night, all so tired from a weekend of "nothing".
I think if someone asked, "Is parenting hard", I could say "There's 'nothing' to it.". Because the days of "nothing", are the best days of all. I have to remember this on more weekends. My kids will grow up one day, and will look back at the times we had together. Will they remember the busy full weekends working around the house, or running around doing errands? Nope; they'll remember weekends where there was "nothing" to do but enjoy our time together.
Enjoy your time. see you soon!

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