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July 27, 2008

Back in town and "good neighbor" apricots

Hi again, I'm back!! Actually in the interest of full disclosure I've been back since Thursday but have been trying to get caught up with things and honestly just taking a little bit of "me time". I was getting a bit burned out toward the beginning of last week and just needed to catch up and relax a bit. A~ and I had an opportunity for a free trip out to our favorite local vacation area on Wednesday so we took advantage of it and spent some quality time together. I wanted to let everyone that took the time to comment on my last post. I had noticed a marked increase in people stopping by, and I guess I was just curious about what's bringing folks over here. I appreciate you humoring me.

Now, what's this about "good neighbor" apricots? It's a long story...here goes.
A while back I posted about a missed opportunity to meet a new neighbor. I ignored the chances that I may have had to meet her, but lucky for me I'm able to learn from my mistakes.
This Friday A~ and I were walking around the block again and as we came around the corner to where our neighbor had lived, she's moved now, and found a couple of her next door neighbors out enjoying the "fruits of her labors". The raspberries on the side of the house were ripening and they were gathering them up so I decided to not miss another opportunity and stopped by. We met a woman from next door and another from across the street. I don't know that I would have met either of them if I hadn't stopped by. We talked gardens for a while; one of the ladies desperately wants to claim a few of the raspberry canes for starts for her house but says that her husband has "issues with growing food in their back yard" and that it's "white trash". Too bad for her, hopefully she can pirate some of the canes and maybe claim they threw long shoots over there.
The other neighbor was really nice too. She grew up in farming country north of here and wishes she had a garden in her yard now. Sounds to me like I have my work cut out for me...*smile*.
After the pleasantries were passed, we noticed that the "good neighbor" (yeah Phelan I stole your term. It just seemed too good not too.) had some neglected apricots in her backyard and well, now that she had moved on, I felt duty bound to take care of them for her. So this weekend we harvested 9 lbs of apricots from her back yard. It's not the first time we've taken advantage of free fruit but that's another whole post in and of itself. You should have seen the boys though, they've really been trained well. One word about free fruit and they were into action; one ran home to grab a couple of old plastic bags and the other two just started picking. I think I only had to pick f or ten myself.
So what to do with all of those free apricots? More to come on that soon so stay tuned.
Oh yeah, and I have a really really special announcement for you all around the end of next week. This is just a teaser though, you'll have to wait a little while for more.

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Grim's Sugarhood said...

I have never heard something so strange... the part about growing food being "white trash" such beliefs are truly disturbing. Sad is the day where he may have to depend on the "white trash" to sustain his family.

Everyone has the freedom to believe what they want, but I reserve my right to say "Wow, that's stupid!"