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July 13, 2008

An EGG-cellent Saturday

Guess what showed up this morning??? OK, OK, you twisted my arm, I'll give you a clue.
Yep, that's right.. who's your farmer now huh? ~LOL~ I half thought someone was playing a joke on me, but in the end, I guess Laura at (not so)Urban Hennery was right all along. It's just one of those things that happens when it happens. So now, I guess I just keep my eyes open and see if the others start to lay. Anyone know, do chickens lay sporadically at first or pretty regularly? I guess I'll find our when I find out.

This afternoon we spent a great day together as a family. We headed up to Logan UT to the American West Heritage Center and had a blast.

The center has a very cool 1917 era homestead set up that, unlike other similar museums, encourages you to touch and try things out. We were amazed that in the heat of the day with a wood fire place baking cookies, (which were very good by the way.) the home was surprisingly comfortable. Really it was not much different from our own homes average temperature. Later we stepped into a earthen root cellar and a dug-out earth sheltered pioneer home and found the same to be true. I am consistently amazed at how functional some of the old techniques for doing things are and how they really do work. The boys loved holding the chickens, avoiding the gigantic roosters, and petting the goats. I don't know where they get it, but they seem to have an odd rural streak in them? Perhaps one day we'll make the move that'll allow them to have some of these animals of their own. Until then, we'll just be checking our own little coop and looking for breakfast, then checking the garden and figuring out what's for lunch,

Hope you all have a great weekend too. See you on Monday!



amy said...

Congrats on your egg! Yes they apparently lay sporadically the first year I think and then once they start up after winter (usually our's start again in February) they regulate better. :)

Eva said...

Fantastic! Congratulations on your first egg!! That's really exciting. I also love that you built your own coop/chicken run? Good for you!


Chicago Mike said...

Very Cool.

I would love to get some chickens.

mrsb said...

My hubby and I have been discussing getting a few chickens. We have an impossibly small yard, and I'm afraid the neighbors will freak at first, lol. I'm so inspired by your egg! It must have been so exciting!

farm mom said...

Congrats P!! Oh, I remember my first egg well.... *nostalgic sigh*

P~ said...

Mike and mrsb, I encourage you to get some if you can. You'd be surprised how little spave 2 or 3 chickens would take up. They're great to watch while working in the yard!

Anonymous said...

Please what my youtube video about city chickens


When I was first thinking of getting chickens I was inspired by some of your comments. I saw your cardboard chicken condo, which is exactly what I did when my chicks got too big for the rabbit cage I started them out in. As soon as they feathered out we moved them outside to a coop (we painted it to look like a red barn) with an attached run.

Anonymous said...

I meant please watch. Typo, sorry, I can spell.

Grim's Sugarhood said...

Thanks for your post> I've lived in Utah for a decade and have never made it to the Jensen farm (Western Heritage Center) I think a trip to Logan soon might be in my future.