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July 7, 2008

This and That

Well I don't really have anything special or tremendously witty or insightful to share with the world today so I thought a little bit of this and that would fit the bill.
I finally started getting some tomatoes late last week. I was starting to wonder. The greenies above are a heirloom breed called Hamson. It was specifically selectively bred years ago for our Utah climate so I am very optimistic for it.
Below we have the San Marzano roma-style tomato. It was the first to start fruiting this year so it's a champ in my book.
And here we have what happens when radishes go feral!! I decided to let one of my french radishes go to seed this year, oh... just because. Care to take a closer look?
As I read up on them, I learned that they are what is known as Brassicaceae or Cruciferae, also known as the crucifers for the cross shape of the flowers. They're so simple but beautiful don't you think?
And after the little pollinators do their dance what's left is, I assume, a full pod of seeds; and a pretty interesting one at that. It looks like another plant, but I can't think of what...?
Hope you're all enjoying your summer and all the bounty that comes with it.
I've had a new series that I've been thinking about lately, I think tomorrow will be the debut. Also, keep an eye on the sidebar, I plan to add a harvest counter soon to share the detailed counts I've been getting lately.
Grow on!


MeadowLark said...

I'm very interested in this Hamson tomato. I see it says 70 days... I think we're a tiny bit shorter, but still, that's pretty good. How about consistent 40 degree nights and only about 80s for daytime. Except for the one week where it gets to 90 or 100, but still gets to 50 at night? Do you know?

P~ said...

If I'm putting things together right, and you're Northwest of me, in a similar climate then I would think that they should do alright there. I would perhaps try 1 or 2 plants for a season to see how they do, but otherwise I say try it. The web site for the company where I bought the seeds is down right now, but it's Mountain Valley Seed Company at www.mvseeds.com
Good luck

ruralaspirations said...

the flowers and the elongated pod things look alot like what is happening with my Gai Lan That Never Was. Little white flowers and elongated seed pods.

My tomato plants are covered with little yellow flowers - is that a good sign? (our climate is pacific northwest)

Sadge said...

Try adding those radish pods to a stir-fry. Spicy-hot raw, but cooking them tames the heat.