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July 31, 2008

That time again - Local Food Challenge 2008

The folks over at Eat Local Challenge for Salt Lake City are once again sponsoring a local food challenge for 2008. Utah has abundant resources for acquiring local foods and this challenge is well worth at least a partial attempt at participation. I am not going to be "officially" announcing participation in the challenge for the same reason that I haven't ever participated in the Dark Days or One local summer challenges. It's not my place. By that I mean that I don't do our cooking or shopping so I don't feel it's anymore my place to dictate to A~ what she will make and serve than it is her place to tell me what type of joint to use on my bookshelves. I know it sounds sexist, but it's really not. We have our roles in our home and respecting them is part of what makes our home tick away so well. Besides that fact, we try to buy and serve locally produced products as often as possible throughout the year anyway. It just isn't our priority. If you are in Salt Lake City area, and are curious I encourage you to drop in over there and learn more about what it is that they're up to.


ilex said...

I can't say this to most of my firends or family, but I love that you have your "place" in your home. It works, and has for millennia.

P~ said...

Thanks ilex. It's true though isn't it? Why it's a taboo to actually say I don't know; I guess because it seems demeaning in some way. To say that the kitchen is "my wifes place" to me is not from seeing her a less in any way. I love her for all that she does for us, and she makes me want to be a better man to be in a place to deserve her care. Thanks for words

P.S. good luck with your new venture A Piece A Week. (I figure all bloggers deserve one shameless plug now and then...)